Nankang SW-7 185/70-14

Produkt nr.T1857014NANKANGSW7
Leveranstidca 1-3 dagar
SäsongVinter (Dubbade)
Däcktyp Personbil
HastighetsindexT = 190 km/h
Load Index88 = 560kg

729 kr

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Nankang SW-7 is a new high-quality studded tyre designed especially for Nordic conditions and equipped with first-class Finnish Tikka studs. Clinging hard into the road surface, these studs are durable and stay firmly in their holes.

  • Wide grooves provide excellent traction and mobility on snow, and the sharp-edged blocks of the tread pattern contribute to the tyre’s unique ice grip.
  • Abundant zigzag sipes reduce the braking distance on snow and ice.
  • The solid centre pattern of the tread stabilizes the tyre when driving straight and improves controllability on snowy roads.
  • Designed especially for cold conditions, the new silica technology enhances traction in winter driving
Nankang SW-7Nankang SW-7Combining tradition with state-of-the-art know-how and technology, the Taiwanese Nankang is one of the oldest and best tyre manufacturers in Asia. Nankang has a long history of designing and manufacturing winter tyres for Nordic conditions, and their quality winter tyres have been highly rated by several tyre magazines. A product of extensive R&D and testing, the new SW-7 combines all the fine qualities that represent Nankang’s vast experience of quality tyre manufacturing.

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